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Chantal and Max taking in a breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps.

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Chantal & Max

We’re going to take you beyond the Switzerland you’ve seen in pictures, movies, and your friends’ Instagram feed. Why us? Well, we’re not your typical Swiss tour guides – we’re local specialists and private travel guides with a profound passion for sharing immersive moments with you.

As your hosts in our home country, we go the extra mile to give you an ultra-personalized, local experience that's as authentic as our own personal travel style. Dive headfirst with us into Switzerland’s best-kept secrets!

What we value


We go above & beyond to forge strong relationships, achieve the impossible & create a caring local experience.


We share our local knowledge, access, insight & heart with you while supporting like-minded local partners.


We communicate freely, are transparent with you & share unbiased expertise with your best interests at heart.

The company was responsive, professional and absolutely expert!

The personalized tour through the wine and cheese regions in Switzerland was simply unparalleled! Our only regret is that we did not have more days to spend with Max.

They planned the perfect honeymoon for my son and his new wife!

The views were spectacular, glamping is still being talked about, and the food was amazing. Everything Chantal and Max planned was perfect! I felt like they knew my son and his wife. There was nothing the two of them would have changed. Thank you for above and beyond service and care!

The various hotels chosen for us were all just fantastic.

The sincerity of the people we toured with was so endearing and special. We never felt like a number or a tourist. If your considering Switzerland, this dynamic duo is your best bet. Attentive, kind, amazing and responsive. Switzerland will always be in our hearts forever.

Lynda & George
They delivered a home run on all counts!

We've had a visit to Switzerland on our bucket list for a long time and Chantal & Max brought it to life for us! We wanted to see it all, get to know some of the locals, and experience the culture of the Swiss people riding a big bus to all the tourist sites! We also wanted free time to explore on our own.

Duane & family
An unforgettable and incredible vacation

…They did not leave anything to chance; every detail was carefully planned. They introduced us to Switzerland not as a tourist but as a local, so many of the places we visited and experiences we had were unique and unforgettable. Thank you Chantal and Max for an unforgettable and incredible vacation that we will talk about and remember for ever!!!!!!

Lourdes & Todd
client love

Meet your hosts

Say hi to Chantal
Co-Founder & Travel Planner
About Chantal

Hey, I’m Chantal.

I'll be your go-to local contact as we plan your epic trip to explore Switzerland!

Organization and timeliness are part of my DNA – I am Swiss after all – but so is my sense of adventure. Growing up in the USA gave me plenty of opportunities to explore, meet new people, deepen my world view, and expand my horizons. This all led me to a career in hospitality, connecting with wonderful people in the world of luxury travel. 

Bring that all together and you’ve found a travel planner with the perfect blend of Swiss precision, a love of adventure, and warm, refined hospitality.

So how do I view luxury travel? Well, I've been around the world, and I can assure you that the best memories aren’t ticking landmarks off a checklist. To me, it’s about meeting local legends, stumbling upon breathtaking spots, and indulging in local cuisine at those hidden gems that no one talks about. It’s spending time truly connecting with a place and its people.

What do you say? Shall we join forces and throw away the tourist map for a Swiss adventure like no other? Allow me to show you the Switzerland I love.

Yours in travel, 


Chantal at Peak Walk in Switzerland.
meet max
Co-Founder & Travel Planner
About Max

Hey, it’s Max.

One of Switzerland's biggest fans and one of the people planning your Swiss adventure.

I was born and raised in the stunning region of Lake Geneva, and my love for this country runs through my veins like the Rhône River. I live to explore Switzerland and share it with others. And so I chose to pursue a career in hospitality, which led me to the Hospitality School in Lausanne where I met Chantal – my partner in life and business. Together, we have leapt into the world of start-ups, luxury hospitality, genuine travel experiences – and soon – parenthood!

Something we are both passionate about is our shared definition of luxury. It’s not about fancy marble bathrooms and gold plating. It's about the little things––the details that make your experience extraordinary. It's about complete service that anticipates your needs; it’s about experiencing things you didn’t dream possible and finding places you didn’t know existed. 

I’ll share my favorite spots with you, introduce you to my friends and to other incredible locals, and give you the chance to immerse yourself in our unique traditions. 

I promise, with us, you won't feel like a tourist; you'll feel like part of the family. So, what do you say? Let's create some memories together.

Yours in adventure, 


Max eating fondue in Switzerland.
Max paragliding in Switzerland.


We’re Chantal and Max – the founders, the planners, the hosts, and the soul behind it all. We’re partners in business and in life and are deeply passionate about sharing the enchanting world of Switzerland. 

 We met at Lausanne Hospitality School. Back then, we weren't just hitting the books; we were hitting the roads with a bad case of the travel bug and a love of hidden spots that few have on their radar.

Over time, our careers in luxury hospitality grew, and we were soon working in Geneva and London. We were also traveling around the globe as much as possible together – and something started to become apparent …

The real magic – the soul-touching kind – was happening when we spent time with locals, doing the things they loved to do in the places only they knew about.

We met a lot of people through our careers and travels and thought it a shame that it was always the same Swiss landmarks, destinations, and experiences that were shown to foreign visitors.

Interlaken and Luzern were hogging all the spotlight, but what about the other mind-blowing hidden gems that make Switzerland truly incredible? Why was no one sharing those? Where was the welcoming committee for the Switzerland we, the locals, adore?

That’s why we made the bold move in 2017 to bid adieu to London and return home to give travelers a new perspective of our country. Our vision – to connect you with the beating heart of Switzerland – its locals, cities, food, environment, and traditions. The real Switzerland – our Switzerland.

To this day, we are one of the very few Swiss travel advisors to specialize in this type of locally led private travel and company retreats in Switzerland. We continue to travel around the country, nurturing strong relationships with our partners to ensure our experiences are always current, personal, and unique.

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