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Chantal and Max taking in a breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps.
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Restaurants with the best views
November 29, 2023

If you’re anything like us, food is a pretty important part of any trip. It’s such a fun experience to not only taste the local specialties (which are often new  foods we’ve never tried before), but also to hit up a really cool restaurant that we don’t have back home.

We’re blessed to say that we live in a foodie paradise: yes, we have lots of cheese and chocolate (the best in the world if we dare say), but we also have top notch restaurants for all tastes, including 120+ that are Michelin starred! To add the cherry on the cake, our outstanding nature and panoramas are often home to these place,  and we’re suckers for a meal with a heck of a view (who isn’t, right?). But let’s be precise: not just any kind of view, but the kind of view that still blows us away each and every time, regardless how many years we’ve lived here. Sounds like your cup of tea?

Here are our 10 favorite restaurants in Switzerland that offer the best views:

Chez Vrony, Zermatt

Lunch overlooking the Matterhorn in Zermatt Switzerland

This one is hands down one of our favorites that is on our “to do list” whenever we’re in Zermatt. Located in the rustic mountain village of Findeln, at 2’130m just above Zermatt, this gem enjoys one of the finest views of the majestic Matterhorn. It’s incredible to think that 100 years back it was just a small farmhouse, and now it’s a multi award-winning venue with an incredible “alpine chic” vibe to it. Chez Vrony serves traditional Swiss specialties with a modern twist… you pretty much can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.

Muottas Muragl, Engadine

Ride up to the Muottas Muragl overlooking the Engadine in Switzerland

This one is making the list as one of the best sunset views in the country. The experience starts with just getting there, as you take a funicular that whisks you away from the Engadine, up to 2’456m in altitude. As most of the hikers will have left by then, you’ll arrive in an oasis of tranquility, where you’ll taste the regional cuisine, with your glass in your hand, and the beautiful Engadine lake plateau and the Bernina massif in front of you. Our only word of advice: don’t forget your camera when you eat here!

Chalet du Soldat, Jaun

Views from the Chalet du Soldat in the Pays d'en Haut Switzerland

Switzerland has an answer to almost everything, including the Italian Dolomites. Welcome to the Gastlosen mountain range, one of the most sublime alpine panoramas you’ll come across in Switzerland. This small family-owned mountain hut serves regional specialties from the French-speaking part of Switzerland, and if you’re lucky, you might just get there in time to hear the owner play a tune with his alphorn for you!

Izumi, Geneva

Views over Lake Geneva from the Four Seasons Hotel in Switzerland

If you’re in Geneva, don’t miss a stop at the Four Seasons’ rooftop restaurant, Izumi, which serves honestly the best Japanese cuisine we’ve had yet to taste in Switzerland. The service is as professional as the dishes are extraordinary, and the views over Geneva really aren’t too bad either…

The Burgenstock Hotel, Lake Luzern

Lebanese Dinner at the Burgenstock Hotel, Lake Luzern, Switzerland

When we’re in and around Luzern, we always take a “night off” to treat ourselves to the Burgenstock Hotel, which boasts the most incredible views over the fjord-like region. There’s nothing we can fault here, from the food to the service. And if Persian cuisine isn’t your thing, the hotel has a range of other restaurants for you to try. Bonus: upgrade the experience just a tad bit more and reach the hotel by boat, followed by a ride in the highest outdoor lift in Europe.

Roseg Gletscher Restaurant, Engadine

Lunch at the Val Roseg in the Engadine, Switzerland

So you know that feeling when you take a scenic hike, you’re getting tired, you’re super hungry, and just then, all of a sudden you arrive at the most charming restaurant with a smashing view? Well, that’s pretty much this place in a nutshell. Oh and we forgot one thing, probably the most important part: they have a homemade buffet of desserts that is to die for. Good luck choosing just one…

Le Deck, Lake Geneva

Lavaux Wine Country, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

So we had a long think about this one because we’re service freaks, and well, this one doesn’t quite hit the spot on that topic. However, view wise, it’s really hard to beat… So we suggest that you stop here for a good glass of local wine, and just enjoy the panorama that’s composed of three magical ingredients: the glistening waters of Lake Geneva, the majestic snow-capped French Alps and the UNESCO Lavaux vineyards… A sight to remember! For more breath-taking photo stops in the Lake Geneva region, click here.

Lobhornhütte, Berner Oberland

Views over Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau from Isenfluh Switzerland

This place may not exactly serve hot sophisticated meals, but they do have lighter cheese and charcuterie plates that are just as good and do the trick. But what this little gem does have is the most impressive views over the Eiger, the Monch and the Jungfrau mountains (three of the most famous peaks of the Berner Oberland), minus the tour buses that go further down to the Lauterbrunnen valley. And for us, that makes it clearly a winner.

Wassengrat, Gstaad

Views from the Wassengrat Restaurant, Gstaad, Switzerland

Let’s take the direction of glamorous Gstaad, take a cable car up to 1’920m in altitude, to a very special little mountain chalet that serves top-quality local cuisine in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The Wassengrat Restaurant is a fantastic alpine escape in summer and winter alike. And the views from your seat aren’t too bad either… trust us.

… out in the nature!

Mountain and Lake in Switzerland

As the saying goes, you’re never better served than when you serve yourself. If you’re all “restauranted out” as it can happen when you travel, why not put something together yourself? You’ll find campfire “stations” around the country  where you can sit, make a fire, and cook your own meats, sausages, veggies, marshmallows… really whatever you want. Or maybe, you’re more of the picnic type, and in that case, the world is your oyster: see a good view? Go ahead and enjoy it! We’ll be happy to share with you our favorite picnic and campfire spots. All that and more awaits you in beautiful Switzerland!

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