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Chantal and Max taking in a breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps.
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Why Switzerland is the ideal family holiday destination
November 29, 2023

Are you thinking about taking a well-deserved family holiday when the borders open up again, but having a tough time finding a place that’s a match for everyone? Well, we’ve got just the answer for you. Switzerland’s unique basket of ingredients composes the perfect recipe for an unforgettable, stress-free luxury family holiday that will please the young and the adults alike. Here is the secret recipe to the kid-approved fairytale that awaits you:

Switzerland is the World’s Safest Travel Destination

Lake Switzerland Swiss Alps

Switzerland was proudly awarded first place in the ranking of the world’s safest destinations for travelers in 2020. This ranking, compiled by the travel insurance Insurly, takes into account a variety of factors such as crime rate, road safety, violence, terrorism, natural disasters, the quality of healthcare and goes as far as even taking into account air quality.

Though one should always keep their precautions, we have to admit that we have never felt unsafe here. After all, in how many countries in Europe do you regularly see a convertible car parked with its top back? Add to that our world-renowned healthcare system, and you’ve got yourself a risk and stress-free vacation!

Swiss Nature and Its Endless Possibilities

Ibex Switzerland Verbier Swiss Alps

Nature is the keystone to any perfect family holiday and let’s be honest… who does nature quite like Switzerland?  With one of the most varied landscapes on earth, the opportunities are endless:

  1. Enjoy one of the numerous family-friendly hikes, many of which are even accessible with strollers. And it’s not because they’re family-friendly that they don’t boast the same exceptional views as the more advanced trails…
  2. Enjoy a picnic by the lake, followed by a swim! While we have many gigantic lakes around the country, we also have many smaller lakes set in the alps that are safe and easily accessible for kids of all ages.
  3. Spot wildlife, from marmots to ibex, without forgetting deer, eagles, bearded vultures, chamois and many more!
  4. Home to many adventures, from boat rides on the lake to tobogganing in the alps, walking on suspension bridges, mountain scootering, zip-lining, dog-sledding in the winter, sledding on some of Europe’s longest runs and so much more.
  5. Camp out underneath the stars, with an evening around the fire pit, grilling your meats and roasting your marshmallows.

Swiss Cities Aren’t Small, They’re Fun Sized!

Streets of Basel Switzerland

If you’re more of a city person but you’re not so sure that a city break is a good match for your family, then you haven’t been to Switzerland. Compared to many of our European neighbours, our cities are much smaller in size, thus synonymous with fewer crowds, bustle and stress. You’ll never feel overwhelmed as you might in some of the bigger destinations.

The major plus point is that not only do all of our cities and villages have kids parks, but they also have nature and vast green spaces in easy reach. For example, our historic capital city of Bern boasts its bear park and a zoo within easy reach by foot from the city center. Cities like Geneva, Luzern and Zurich each offer beautiful lakeside promenades and picturesque lesser-known countrysides perfect for some scenic strolling.

Fuel Your Mind And Soul

Travelling is one of the best forms of education for the mind and for the heart – it gives you new perspectives, opens you up to new cultures and ways of life. One of the best ways to do this is through hands-on experiences, something we have plenty of here.

Let your kids get their hands dirty making chocolate, let them step into the shoes of a local farmer family, visit a passionate beekeeper, pet the farm animals, and show them how foods we may take for granted are made (i.e. cheese).

There are also many other fascinating cultural experiences, such as the Ballenberg Open Air Museum in the Berner Oberland, where they have re-created a “miniature” version of Switzerland with 100+ residential and agricultural buildings from all over Switzerland, on a 66 hectare large area. There, traditions such as basket-weaving, forging, and carving are kept alive and are on show every day. It’s a wonderful day trip for kids and adults of all ages!

Kid-Approved Hotels

Capra Hotel Saas Fee Switzerland

Last but not least, our hotels. Switzerland prides itself on being an iconic family-destination, and that is also very much thanks to our countless family-friendly properties. Many of our partners feature special in-room kids amenities (we’re suckers for the little slippers and bathrobes), kids clubs for the adults to enjoy a romantic day or evening out, and some even have special kids pools, bowling alleys and cinemas!

But what our travellers love the most are the properties that are set amidst the nature. Why? Well, because the kids can freely play and run around outside, while they enjoy a well-deserved cocktail (or two) on the terrace, overlooking the beautiful views… Life just doesn’t get much better than this!

- Chantal & Max

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