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Switzerland for second timers
November 10, 2023

Switzerland offers an incredible amount of diversity when it comes to its landscapes, its traditions, its culinary specialties and its architecture. It’s probably one of its unique traits that surprises our guests most when they visit Switzerland… which is why we have so many who return for a second (and even third!) time, to see even more of what our little piece of paradise has to offer!

But once you’ve done the “iconics”, such as Bern, the Berner Oberland, Lake Luzern, Zermatt, Zurich and Lake Geneva, what is there left to see? If you’re a small group, a family or a couple enjoying a romantic escape, and you love to go off the beaten track to visit a country’s best kept secrets, we’ve got some destinations that will make your luxury holidays in Switzerland one that you will never forget!

The Val d’Anniviers

If you’re looking to truly connect to the people, places and traditions that define Switzerland, then look no further than the Val d’Anniviers. This little valley just next to Zermatt is surrounded by peaks over 4’000m in altitude, offering a unique playground for nature lovers. Biking, hiking, via ferratas, skiing, snow-shoeing, rock-climbing, parachuting, abseiling… there are thousands of ways to enjoy the incredible beauty of the great outdoors here.

Looking for something a little more relaxed? Then explore the unique chalet villages characterized by their traditional “mayens”, ancient mills and charming chapels. Add to that the unique sunny climate the region offers and some of the friendliest people in the country, and you’ve got yourself a destination we bet you won’t help but fall in love with as much as we have!

Insider Tip:

Don’t miss Grimentz, known by the Swiss as being one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland! It’s just nearby the Barage de Moiry, pictured above.

Bonus Tip:

Why not enjoy the valley like few get to with a glamping experience in one of the most scenic locations in Switzerland, overlooking the snow-covered mountain peaks?

The Melchsee

Let us take you to a mountain paradise, high up above at 6’300ft in the beautifully untouched region of Melchsee, known mainly by the Swiss locals. The experience starts the moment you arrive, as you get whisked away by a gondola from the station up to the car-free village. Once you arrive, you’ll find almost nothing around you except for a breath-taking mountain panorama (a paradise for photographers!), natural lakes, grazing cows and some of the most stunning hikes and biking trails in the country leaving from the doorstep of your hotel. It’s the type of place where your problems instantly feel so far away…

Insider Tip:

If you’re feeling sporty, enjoy a day hike from your hotel to the bucolic Engstlensee, from where you can take a bus back to your hotel. The panoramas you will see along the way are second to none…

The Engadine

The Engadine area of Graubünden is a true hidden gem and one of the most beautiful and well-preserved alpine regions in Switzerland. Though it is primarily famous for the glamorous town of St. Moritz, it has so much more to offer if you take the time to dig a little deeper. It truly cannot be compared to anywhere else in the country, where adventure and nature sports beautifully intertwine with peace and tranquility.

While you’re here, explore the glacier valleys through our recommended panoramic hikes, cruise along the striking mountain passes, visit the small villages with their architecture that is unique to the Engadine, sunbathe on the shores of the alpine numerous lakes, enjoy a delicious lunch at a local farm, taste the local specialties that have a hint of Italian influence or perhaps just relax and enjoy the unbelievable views at every turn!

Insider Tip:

Don’t miss a ride through the iconic Majola mountain pass, all the way to the small hamlet of Soglio, home to only 300 locals and historically referred to as “the gateway to paradise”.


While you’re in the far east part of Switzerland, don’t miss a stop in the only Italian-speaking region of the country: the Ticino. It is a very unique experience, exuding Italian flair and the spirit of the dolce vita… but it may not be what you imagine when you think of Switzerland. And yet, that’s what makes it so exceptional. We guarantee that you will appreciate discovering its lake-side promenades underneath the palm trees, its secluded mountainous valleys, its fairy-tale pastel villages, and its delightful Italian-influenced gastronomy. For such a small country as Switzerland, you’ll be surprised by the number of cultures, traditions and languages that you can find here…

Insider Tip:

We recommend that you escape the beaten path, and pursue your local tour of Switzerland by staying in Morcote, one of the most charming villages in the country. Offering wonderful views over the lake, delicious local restaruants and a very special little boutique hotel, this will be the cherry on your luxury holiday!


Just like each region, all of our cities radiate their own charm and flavor, and that also goes for Basel, which you may not have visited yet. Located just near the border to France and Germany, this city is a living melting pot of cultures. Add to that the 40 museums of grand reputation for all interests that call it home and you have the cultural capital of Switzerland. The city also hosts Art Basel, the world’s premier art exhibition. If art isn’t so much your thing, you’ll surely appreciate that Switzerland’s third largest city boasts a very picturesque old town with local restaurants and boutiques, a peaceful promenade along the Rhine River, unique historical architecture, and some wonderful food markets too!

Insider Tip:

After a day of wandering through the old town’s cobbled streets and perusing one of the many celebrated museums, reward yourself with a chocolatey treat at Xocolatl, which offer an extraordinary range of hot and cold chocolate beverages!

- Chantal & Max

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