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Switzerland’s most scenic hidden valleys
November 29, 2023

As Swiss travel experts, our job is not only to plan your luxury holiday in Switzerland to the smallest of details, but it is also to give you our unbiased opinion. Depending on what you’re looking for and your style of travel, often what you find online may not be what you want to see and do, or be as worthwhile as it appears to be.

Vice versa, (very) often, there are places and experiences that you’ll never find in your travel search that could turn out to be the absolute highlight of your trip. It is our job to get to guide you, give you the complete lowdown, and connect you to the places that will take your holidays from being “good” to being “one-of-a-kind”! Aside from the ungoogleable experiences we have in our little black book, there are also heaps of places that even your favorite guidebook doesn’t know about but that are well worth the detour. So on that note…

Here are our three favorite hidden valleys for the ultimate insider tour of Switzerland!

When you’re in Central Switzerland…

Valley: Göscheneralp

The adventure starts at the very bottom of this valley, in the small village of Göschenen, as you make your way up through the narrow winding roads. Granted, you have to be comfortable driving on mountain paths built for one car at a time… but if you are (or up for a challenge), you’re in for the most magical experience. As you drive up, the panorama builds up minute by minute in front of your eyes… waterfalls, snowy mountain peaks, grazing cows, rocky walls, you just don’t know where to turn to anymore. You can’t help but feel so small compared to this wild, unspoiled nature. And you haven’t even reached the best part… the grand finale happens once you arrive at the top, park the car and walk to the Göscheneralpsee. How can we describe it? Well, we’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking from here…

PS: If narrow roads really aren’t your thing, don’t worry… we have an excellent local guide who can take you up here, so that all you have to do, is enjoy the views!

When you’re in the Engadine…

Valley: Val Fex

One of our best memories of our time in this wild and dreamy part of Switzerland was our bike ride into the Val Fex, often called “the most beautiful valley in the Engadine”. It was also a favorite place of the German philosopher Nietzsche who said “There is no place I love as much”. We’re probably setting your expectations very high, but that’s exactly where they should be.

This secluded car-free valley starts at the charming village of Sils-Maria, from where you can either hike, take a horse carriage or take your bike. On your way, you’ll come across traditional houses, impressive waterfalls, majestic mountain panoramas, and high alpine flora. But just like at the Göscheneralp, the best is always saved for last. At the tip of the valley, you’ll find the Fex Glacier. Take the time to marvel over this jaw-dropping scenery from the Alp Muot, a small farm serving beverages, light bites and excellent homemade desserts!

When you’re in the Berner Oberland…

Valley: Diemtigtal

While you’re in the Berner Oberland and not too far from Lake Thun, escape the crowds and immerse yourself in the unique, unspoiled landscapes of the Diemtigtal valley. Here, alpine farming is very present as it is vital not only to the economy, but also in preserving the authentic cultural traditions. It is one of the best places in Switzerland to experience living culture and unique chalet architecture.

While there are numerous ways to explore the region, our favorite was by e-bike. This way, you can effortlessly explore the nature, the unique architecture, and the unbelievable mountain panoramas. The tour takes about three hours, and is best done between April and October.

So, which of these three valleys have made it to your travel bucket list? And more importantly, when do we have the pleasure of welcoming you? Contact us at info@chantaletmax.com or by clicking here and we’ll show you the Switzerland we know and love like most locals have never seen it.

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